eAdicct's ebicycle is equipped with Lithium Ion Battery and a hub motor in the front wheel. This pedal assist bicycle has a range of 60-80kms per charge. It reduces your effort during pedaling and makes cycling effortless. Apart from having regenerative braking, it also has a cruise mode where you can travel without pedaling at all.

This water resistant product is designed to meet and exceed the functional safety standards laid by "CMVR - Central Motor Vehicle Rules" of India & European Rules & Regulations.

We offer:

Fully built electric bicycle

Installation on existing bicycle

Do It Yourself (DIY) kit - to fit it on any Off-The-Shelf bicycle


Kit weight less than 5 KG

Front Wheel electric drive with regenerative braking

Battery is protected by an integrated lock and can be removed only after unlocking it using its key

12 months warranty for electrical and electronics and 18 months warranty for the battery pack

Lower Centre of Gravity and better weight distribution improves self-stability and maneuverability

Water resistant component design make the system robust and abuse tolerant

Low cost of maintenance due to child part level replacement spares

On-board Diagnostics

In process of certifying the product as per Rule 126 of "The Central Motor Vehicle Rules"(CMVR)

All the components and system designed to meet and exceed regulatory requirements for Battery Operated Vehicles (BOVs) including CE, RoHS and EMC



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